Saturday, October 10, 2009

led's and pote's!

Might as well evolve another breadboard project onto perf-board.

This time its an led-array controlled by a potentiometer. This is one of the tutorial projects [link] that is recommended for completion for a fuller understanding of some basics of what an avr micro controller is possible of. More after the break.

In this case it takes an input of 5 volts, and given how much you turn a knob, gives an adjustable output anywhere from 0 and up to 5 volts. The microcontroller's job in the source code is to 'map' out a scale model of how many lights total, and how much voltage total. Depending on how much voltage is flowing through, only x amount of lights will be ambient. For example, if you turn the knob halfway, and there are eight lights, then only four would be lit, the other four no power is sent to. In my case, I have 7 LED's.



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