Friday, October 9, 2009


Been messing around tons with the prototype boards i have laying around. Just recently i hooked up my lcd controller to the arudino via a 'shield' type addon, which simply rests on top.

Here is what the lcd looked line when hooked up to the arduino previously.

Note the breadboard, wires running all over the place, and no real organization except the colors code of the wires for remembering polarity sake.

This was no fun for a number of reasons. First, the idea that it not not portable my any means. I cant just pick it up and move it across the room to tinker with it further, for fear a wire may come loose.

So I ran to rat-shack and got some perforated boards (perf-boards) with holes drilled in them so i can attach electronics and whatnot easily. All pinouts matched up exactly as they were on the breadboard just pictured above. I ended up with what you see on the right. The adapter is based on this link (link) Changed a few things, such as powering the backlight, and instead of using Arduino's Digital 2, 3, 4, & 5 pins, i used the following pins: 7, 8, 9, 10

Notice the small round object in the middle of the board, just a little to the left. It's a 10K potentiometer to control the lcd's contrast level. It's the only component piece used, besides wire along with female and male headers.

All hooked up and nowhere to go!

This is what the DIY shield looks like when plugged into the arduino. The black row is for the lcd to plug into.

In all it's glory, hooked up and ready to go. The unit only needs 5v, so the 9v battery is an ample amount if power.

Now i have a portable solution, that i can carry around and not worry about jumper wires popping off. Also the ability of unplugging both the arduino, adapter shield and lcd screen means that they can all also be used in future projects.

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